AND…WE…ARE…BACK!!!! And excited to bring to you another dope feature. We have Das Leune to share with everyone today and since this is the GET SOME blog you will not be disappointed. If you were in a room full of artists out in New Mexico Das Leune would most certainly stand out, to both the eye and to the ear. His style is all his own and full of pieces of intriguing character and his music is full of creative flow that could only come from him!  He shares his gifts in a truly creative fashion, literally, figuratively, and metaphorically. After meeting with him there is no doubt in my mind that everything he creates is from the truest form of himself. Let your eyes continue to flow down the page and get into the GET SOME in Das Leune!!!




Tell us about the name Das Leune?

Basically I just dont think my government name is fitting for the stuff I push as far as music or creativity. I couldn’t get comfortable with the thought of another Lil, Young, whatever. It’s just three languages that can be made into the phrase “That’s the one”. On a hidden meaning tip..haa.

When did you discover your passion for music?

A: First time I can remember knowing music was a passion and a life changing method was when I was crazy young, My parents were fighting and on the record player was “I’ll be around” by The Spinners. It hit harder than the convo and I knew Music was forever important and real.


What advice do you have for anyone looking to follow a similar path in life?

Support! Its rough sometimes getting folks to understand each and every Convo/”Click” helps us build more exposure and worth huge. Word of mouth is key and if we can share creativity we can build empires together. Just off of support and art! Unity and support will make this path much easier in my opinion.

Tell us about any obstacles that you have ran into on your journey as a hip hop artist.
How did you get past it?

Well I recently moved to Portland Oregon which is really far from the local support that I got out in Albuquerque NM. It’s rough to not be physically around that energy our team always has. I wouldn’t at all say im passed it, but I keep in mind its temporary and continue to push myself to keep up. Shout out to The Rockmore Foundation

 Tell us about The Rockmore Foundation and how you are apart of it?

Its an organization Gary Black and I started with another neighborhood friend Archie Richardson A.K.A Nova. We just had the idea that we can try and showcase what we think is cool that came from our communities and help those folks doing it. We are kinda like a Resource agency at times too. We Rap, film, take photos make beats and do shows. We Rockmore. For Realo.

What is one of your most exciting memories so far since becoming Das Leune?

Can I name like 5?! 1. Creating Rockmore 2. Meeting Mos Def, Dom Kennedy and Fashawn 3. Getting an awesome manager 4. Proving success is the greatest revenge. 5. Showcasing mi vida loca.

 What does GET SOME mean to you?

It means to work hard to get what you deserve! Its like that saying “Early bird gets the worm”. If there are a flock of “Early birds” if you don’t get some you get none. If your perspective is GET SOME before you go in, You’re mostly likely to get alot.. with that being said go ahead ROCKMORE and GET SOME! Bowwwwwwwwww.

There it is right there , in front of  your faces  beaming into your eye sockets and settling into your brains. That is the GET SOME. Exuding passion in all he does, taking the necessary steps he needs to in order to obtain the goal! Even if it means moving away.  His energy is good and watching him and speaking with him certainly brings inspiration!!  We are proud to give Das Leune the GET SOME stamp of exellence. Are you thirsty for more??? Check out the Vlog interview here 

You can find out more about The Rockmore  Foundation and Das Leune here:

Interveiw by: Ronica Brooks



DJ Swirl One

Hello Hello Hello again and we are back and as proud as ever to present to you a wonderful person and artist known as DJ SwirlOne!!! His passion and his energy shines through his DJ sets and gets the party going. He sweats it, he exudes its, he lives it, he IS IT, He… is… GET SOME™.  This man is in all his glory when he’s working. With a very recent major show in Las Vegas under his belt and more major shows on the way it is very safe to assume that Swirl One is well on his way to becoming a staple in his chosen passion!!! So read on to to go deeper into the GET SOME ™ in DJ Swirl One

Who is DJ Swirl One?

Swirl One is a positive figure… It’s funny because I speak in third person alot when asked this, its the idea if taking two or more sources of music and turning them to one unique sound. I turn out high energy music made to make people enjoy themselves… I enjoy nothing more than watching a crowd move in sync it’s like waves in an ocean absolutely beautiful!

When did you first discover you passion for DJ’ing?

My parents hated my music selections when I was younger, I went to the music store to buy a cassette HAHA (dating myself) and the first ever artist I bought was Run DMC tougher than leather, took that home and was cleaning my room listening to it and my mom and dad heard one lyric and went crazy made me take it back, I fell in love with the music from that point on… I started asking for turntables every year for christmas and never got them I think I was 10….at age 18 when I made my own money I bought a cheap set up and after that it was over I was hooked on DJ’ng and I was the only one I knew that was doing anything like this

Who are your artistic inspirations?

Jam Master Jay was the first DJ I heard he got me interested, But hearing Cut Creator on LL Cool J Bad album really made me want to be a DJ. Now I am inspired by DJ Qbert, Mixmaster Mike, DJ Shadow, DJ Craze, DJ AM, and Cut Chemist. These guys are some innovative artists they do things with turntables I swear the aliens must have taught them, Incredible DJ’s. I was fortunate to watch Mixmaster Mike live that was a lesson I will never forget it.

When you first let it be known that you were dedicating who you are to DJ’ing, did you get any opposition from friends and family?

OH YEA!!! HAHA my Mom still to this day looks at me and shakes her head when I talk about my shows or a club I rocked or a party I DJ’d! My parents have always been more of the get a real job type of people but too many people arent happy with their real job, I choose to live by my rules. Lately my Dad is getting more supportive I think it’s because he is hearing third party about me from his friends who have seen and heard me for the first time since I became a DJ he said he was proud of me just the other day because he heard from a friend that my DJ gigs are starting to take off. that was great My friends have always been there for me I have always had a great network of positive people around me and it has helped me tremendously.

Was there a time where you ever wanted to quit, if so tell us about it.

Yea I have felt like quitting… sometimes the pressure to always be out and about and up late and in the scene can get to you. There has been times where I just couldn’t get anyone to book me that makes you discouraged and ESPECIALLY when I have been in relationships, it’s hard to juggle regular life when you are promoting yourself out late meeting new contacts and working late night shows til 3am all the time. Trust is a big key for a DJ’s significant other or it won’t work. These days I’m single so nothing stops me from doing a show or making an opportunity reality. Anymore I want to be busy as much as possible I will sleep when I am dead. I can’t stop won’t stop that’s my thing these days ….How far can I go?

What advice would you give to someone in the same situation?

All i can say to peeps who feel like stopping is this… The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bulls&^t story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it. I have accomplished so much by just stopping telling myself that I couldn’t be that guy. There is no difference in equipment i use compared to the other guy, the only difference was he wasn’t scared to put himself out there, and thats what I am doing throwing myself to the wolves and it’s working

Showing Love!!

Would you be able to continue even if you had no support?

HAHAHA! I have had no support until lately LOL!! I have been a self promoting DJ my whole life. I have been trucking on my own steam with my own resources and my own voice. It hasn’t been easy tons of work just getting anyone to listen to me. I have now a team of very talented and important people who have been a HUGE gain in support. They have been at all my shows and even went with me to realize my goal to DJ in Vegas. I am blessed with a great team and I know things are just gonna get bigger and better.

What has been one of your greatest memories so far since becoming a DJ?

Gosh thats a tough question… I have had so many great memories and shows now it’s hard to sort thru them. I think hearing the chant SWIRL OOONE! SWIRL OOONE! at the lunchpad the first time I played there was pretty humbling. I still get chills thinking about it. Also i think the New year’s Event was also top memorable performance when the countdown happened and I dropped the midnight mix I look up and not one person is standing still everyone is dancin and smilin and fist pumpin, Not even one person was standing still! HAHAHA it was amazing. Ask me again next week I’m sure I’ll have a different answer…..I love what I do.

Here on the Vizion Nine Enterprise we promote the GET SOME movement. GET SOME means to fight passed the struggle to achieve your dreams. With that being said, what does GET SOME mean to you?

It means GO HARD! it means no one is gonna do this for you. I realized along time ago that you cant get out of the bedroom if you don’t get out of bed. I can’t imagine a person becoming a success who doesn’t give this game of life everything he’s got. I booked the Vegas gig by myself because they weren’t going to come to me, they dont know me, never heard of me, without me hearing no 75 times I wouldn’t have gotten the one yes. That’s all it’s about air and opportunity suck it up. I am operating under Shameless self promotions at this time, basically it means I am running the show myself I don’t care what everyone else is doing I am on a Solo project I promote me because nobody else is gonna hand me anything, I want it I earn it. I go get it myself. I GET SOME. Daily… big things coming.

#GET SOME™… He truly understands and loves his art. His confidence and ability to move people like waves in the ocean is definitely worth go to a show he is hosting or featured in. This man gets the practice in where ever he can, DJ’ing for friends and loved ones in his own home. And he does it just as though it was a major venue. Even though his parents never gave in and got him the turntables he wanted for Christmas he didn’t let go of what was in his heart and just worked to get them on his own! I am truly and deeply inspired by his words and work. He rightfully deserves the GET SOME™ stamp of excellence.! DJ Swirl One we will always support you here on the Vizion Nine Enterprise!!!


Now after reading this you have to go make contact!!! You can find out more about DJ Swirl One by clicking these links: Soundcloud , Twitter, Facebook!!!!

Article by: Ronica Brooks


HakimBe: Master Poet/ way to describe it

Bring out those horns and trumpets burr bur burr burrrrrr(when you read that, did you hear trumpets??)  We are thrilled to introduce to you all yet another great artist. When we say artist we mean ARTIST. This man, Hakim Bellamy gets in to the wretched guts of life with his words! Yes you were expecting very lovely words after hearing trumpets. He does those lovely things too but mostly..he tells the truth…and a lot of truth, well, you know the rest. It isn’t pretty. He has a way with words and delivery that will grip you and take you and fly you over the lands and  show you what life is. In all it’s slums and broken dreams and in all it’s beauty and glory. Hakim let’s you know through his work, that he is thinking about YOU!  Riveting right?? There will be links at the bottom of the page! Now let’s go on and see  the GET SOME™ in Hakim Bellllamy a.k.a HakimBE

Describe yourself in two words.

No Bullshit (Can I say that?) <——– Yes, yes you can!

When did you discover the art of poetry/writing/and hip hop in yourself?

I come from a lyrical family. Family gatherings were always a competition to see who had something to say. Loud, funny, attention grabbing, the Bellamys are a rowdy bunch. But it was my Mom who gave me a Khalil Gibran book of poetry when I was real young. I did not know the value of what she was giving me til years later, coming back from college and calling myself a “poet” after having won a talent show. But I’d have to say it was my parents’ impeccable taste in music and vinyl collection that really exposed me to my earliest writers, song or otherwise. They had a diverse collection from Motown, to Buddy Miles and Carlos Santana, to Janis Joplin, Sly and the Family Stone and, of course, the Last Poets. It was the mix of all these influences that gave me material to rhyme about when I was in the back seat of my homie’s whip in South Jersey freestyling to the ribbon on the beat tape popped.

What is SLAM poetry and how did you come into performing it?

It is the competitive art of performance poetry. It’s like a hip hop rap battle except you are not kicking punchlines about the person across from you, you are putting your best rehearsed and originally written pieces up against another poet’s best rehearsed and originally written piece in front of a live studio audience…and then they audience gets to judge your creation and the poet they like best advances…win or go home. It really is the first reality show. American Idol except you don’t text in your selection you write it on a scorecard and boo the judges who give scores you don’t agree with.

Who is Hakim Be?

It’s me and my last name minus the last five letters. I needed something gully like all these other rappers and poets who take on aliases or pen names. I wasn’t cool enough having hosts, emcees and announcers call me up on stage by my “government” and all. So I took a page from one of my favorite hip hop duos, Eric B and Rakim…since everyone who’s close to me likes to fool with my name and call me “Ha-Kim” (pronounced like Rakim AKA Rakim Allah). Been digging them since Paid In Full, so since me and Eric both apparently have last names that begin with “B”, I just bit it. It’s the hip hop, American way.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Life. Sounds trite, but it’s true. I am a newsie, journalist by trade and hobby. Very inquisitive, so I read news stories and think “what’s missing?” And then I write my version of the “news.” I write a lot about social justice and injustice. Some folks who get used to music and writers who rap about nothing, think that my subject matter is depressing or too serious sometimes. I disagree, just because we over here trying to save the world with our music doesn’t mean you can’t shake ya tailfeather to it. There’s more to write about than money, cash, hoes. I prefer to write about why we ain’t got no money, why they got all the cash, and why we AIN’T hoes,

What is it that you hope to accomplish through your art?

That I will inspire others to not give up their dreams for a “real job” and realize there is nothing realer than bringing something new into this world that puts a smile in someone’s heart and/or betters someone else’s situation. Whether that creation be a child, a song or a poem.

Was there ever anytime where you doubted yourself and wanted to give up on pursuing your passion?

Yeup. The first time I heard Soldier Boy on the radio, I said, “I’m never gon let myself write shit like that so I should just give up now if that’s what they want!” I’m playing…sort of. Everyone doubts themselves. I’m a father of a 4 year old. Sometimes people tell me to stop spending so much time making art and start making money, save up for the future. And sometimes, I think about what they are saying and wonder if I am being responsible. THEN I realize that if I tell my son to chase his dreams and I don’t live my life as an example of that…he’s gonna think I’m a hypocrite or worse, a chump. Someone who is scared to take my own advice. So this is less about me being an artist and more about me being a parent. More do as I do, rather than do as I say. And that’s how I get over my doubts.

What advice would you give to someone going through a similar experience?

I’d say no matter how “safe” you play it, you are still gon die some day. Might as well chase your dreams because regret is scarier than failure. Like my man (and dope poet) John Blake said, “You never know if you can fly until you jump. Leap from the cliff, wings only sprout when needed.”

What has been one of your most memorable moments so far since you began living in your passion?

Hmmmm. Tough one. The standing room only, sell out audience for the world premiere of my multimedia Hip Hop Theater Production/Musical that I wrote with Carlos Contreras and Diles (Colin Hazelbaker). We kicked off the Revolutions International Theater Festival in 2011 and though we’d done an unfinished version of it in upstate New York in 2010, Albuquerque showed up and it felt like coming back to a ticker tape parade in your hometown after winning the World Series.

What creation has Hakim Be come up with that is your personal favorite?

My son. But besides him…my favorite creation is
“The last one.” I’m a prolific creator. I write a lot. And believe me, it ain’t all good! It shouldn’t always be good if you are challenging yourself and getting out of your safe zone or what you usually do. I try the things I am not good at to get better at them, and then bring what I learned back to my art, my poetry, my bread and butter. So I always think the last thing I did is the best thing I did, until I do the next thing. The old stuff is the old stuff. I assume I am always growing and getting better. Or maybe I am just never satisfied.

Here at Vizion 9, we promote the GET SOME movement , which is all about inspiring people to push forward in their passion through low moments. So, with that being said, what does GET SOME mean to you?

It means don’t wait for your future, make your future. It means if God gave you a gift, use it or lose it. It’s like you at your girlfriend’s parents’ crib and they offer you some food, and they burn, so you know it’s smelling good as hell, and you know your parents raised you better than turning down some good homecooked food and insulting people in their home by pretending you don’t eat pigs feet…BOY YOU BETTA GET SOME!

My friends he lives in the core of GET SOME ™ by inspiring and encouraging us to keep going for our own heart goals. He does this and manages to keep himself grounded, always looking with honest eyes and speaking with a truthful tongue. Not to mention that the mans schedule is packed and he always finds time to write a newer and better piece ready to be performed. His work ethic is amazing!!! Follow his works and then share his works. This is not simple language baby babble that has flooded our mainstream ears, this is a well thought out craft. He works to master his art and we appreciate him for that. Art is not art if it not authentic and always growing. Thus is why we are PROUD to say that Hakim Bellamy. a.k.a HakimBe is more than deserving of the GET SOME™ stamp of excellence!!!

and we leave  you with an excerpt from recent pieces written by Hakim, In memory of  Etta James


Etta James
Is who you was
After you went blonde

After you were told
To take advantage
Of your light complexion

After you agreed
To dye everything
Except your eyebrows
Cause you wanted to
Look like a “bad girl”

You bad girl!
Bad enough to
Make B.B. King
Sweet on you
At 16

In addiction recovery by 21

Gone 5 days
Before your 74th
But still telling
Anyone who cares to listen
That you remember

That when you
Were still a child
People used to travel miles
Just hear you sing

Perform your own kind of miracles
In temples
With money changers and prostitutes
A prodigy too

With a voice
As milk and honey
As the heaven you’re from

No wonder
We’re still addicted to what you sung

Because it comes from
The heroin in ya lungs

Going thru withdrawals
Since you’ve been gone…

Hakim Bellamy

You know you want to know more about this intriguing being. So go Here…and get your HakimBe on!!

and also find him on FACEBOOK

Vizion Nine Guest Blogger: Babsy “FEED THE BABY” GET SOME™

Please enjoy this piece written by a wonderful person!!!! Thank you for this Babsy. It is very much Appreciated!!!! I am sure others will enjoy these words of wisdom just as much!!!

Feed The Baby!!

Recently I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. This is the first time in a long time I have had
time to sit back and evaluate my life. I am so used to running around trying to keep myself
busy and create in my passion, music. I love music and the arts in general but in the last 3
months I have realized I have been doing it all in vain, with no real purpose. I have recorded
many songs for myself and done collaborations with other artists that bore no fruit. I have
led choirs and groups, performed and networked and joined a band with no end in sight.
Some might call it grinding but at the end of the day I wasn’t fulfilled.
Don’t get me wrong, I was filling a certain void by doing what I love but then
I realized I was not growing anymore. I was not surrounded by people who were able to
mentor and uplift me. I was not investing in my voice by taking vocal lessons. Instead,
I was caught up in the hype of it all and not properly preparing for what I now realize I
truly want for myself, to help others while having a sustainable career in the art of music.
I wasn’t feeding my baby.
Our passions and dreams need to fed. They need to be nurtured and when
we do anything that is contrary to the growth and development of those things, we will
live an average and mediocre life. Scary? Yes. But change is possible. When you
change your mind, you change your life. Are you writing a book, a song,or creating
a project that seems out of reach? Are you doing what you love but don’t know what
the next step is? Do you have excuse after excuse as to why you CAN’T? Feed
your baby! Do the research, meet new people who have successfully accomplished
something similar to what you aspire to do. Get lessons, invest time and
money into your dreams. You are worth it and you can do it. Nobody else is
going to do it for you so GET SOME. The tougher it seems, the better reason
to keep pushing. Its part of the growth spurt. Sometimes you only have to feed a little
at a time but then all of a sudden it seems all your energy is going into nurturing, and
you get tired but then you see GROWTH!!
I have learned some things. First I needed to have a purpose, not only to
live my dreams but also to be an active, charitable member of my community. When
you find a purpose your vision will drive you to succeed. And for the first time I am
super excited and motivated for my future and those who I will help along the way.
The second thing I learned is that when you speak life to your circumstance,
those positive words will become reality. “I am healthy, successful, beautiful and
focused”. Tell yourself something positive that you want to make happen in your
life everyday and you will begin to change your mind and the way you operate.
Now what are you waiting for? GET SOME!!!


GET SOME™ Student of the week Alisha Naranjo

Alisha Naranjo: Double Majoring in Biology/Psychology

Welcome back to the Vizion Nine blog site. We are very proud to present our first GET SOME™ student of the week! Ms. Alisha Naranjo a full time mother, full time student aaaaaand full time corporate workin’ woman!! If that’s not GET SOME™ we don’t know what is!!!  She inspires through her consistent daily grind  of all three of the aforementioned and her desire to make to make it through to the end!  Read on to learn more about the GET SOME™ in Alisha!


So tell us what school you are attending and what are you majoring in?

UNM and double major in Psychology and Biology


What brought you interest in that particular field ?

Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. On either side of my family (maternal and paternal), we don’t have anyone who is in the medical field. After doing as much research as I could on my own, I found out Biology was the “main” major that most people received their degrees in for med school. As I got older, I realized that’s the area that interests me most. The Psych degree came in later in life when I started taking college courses and began to realize how interesting the subject is, as well as having to go through some turmoil in my own life. Even if you don’t pursue a career in a Psychology field, the information you gain from the classes can be utilized everyday with all the different people and personalities you encounter.


So far what has been your favorite part of attending school?

Just the gain of knowledge that I get out of each semester and finding ways to utilize it in my day to day activities. Also, knowing that at the end of the course, I’m that much closer to one of my major goals I have set for myself and seeing my GPA at end of each semester is rewarding. I also like to see when my son sits down and does his homework while I am doing mine and he is seeing that education is important and can be accomplished.


What is your least favorite subject and what helps you to get through it?

Chemistry!!! I loathe it like no other! The only way I get through that subject is knowing that it’s a pre-req for med school…. That’s my only motivation to stay in it and do my best.


We all know balancing the class work load and a full time job can be more than stressful, what helps you to stay focused?
Knowing that once I get done with my degree, it will open the door for so many opportunities for my son and myself. Whether I stay at the job I am currently at or if I get the chance to go to med school, we are in a society that thrives on education and degrees and without one, I am limited to what I know I can do. My son is the other main motivation I have; I want him to know and see that even when life gets rough and sends you on a path you never expected, life still goes on and you need to pick up, learn the lesson and keep moving forward. On top of that, I travel and shop too much (my son and me both!) so I need to get that degree to get that money to support my addictions ‘cause it ain’t cheap!


Has there been moments where you ever considered quitting, if so tell us about it and?

About 14 into each semester when the work is full on. Between school, work, and my son, it gets to be stressful, especially if my classes are on campus and I don’t get home until 10pm most nights of the week and miss the quality time with my son. It’s frustrating having a relationship with my son through the phone and on the weekends being stuck doing homework. I remember one weekend my son wanted to play “school” just so he could spend the time with me in the office while I did my school work.


We’re glad you didn’t quit! What kind of advice would you give to someone that may be experiencing something similar?

Just get it done. I took quite a few years off due to life’s bumps in the road and struggling to complete things now that I am older and having more responsibilities. I do wish I would have kept going when I was younger was able to, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t like to look back and say, “I wish I would have when I could have,” or “I should have done it then.” If you are content with the way things are now, then do what you need to do, but it’s only hurting yourself. I used to hear my elders saying how it would be harder as I got older and disregarded it… but it’s true. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you can enjoy what it is you truly want to do without the thought of having to “eventually go back and finish” lingering in the back of your mind. Everything will still be there when you get finished but it’s up to your whether you are willing to make that sacrifice. However, if you aren’t going to be fully committed, then reconsider it because you will be wasting not only what you invest in to it, but you will be wasting what everyone else is investing in it to help support you and it’s not fair to them. I have heard on several occasions how I have been the motivation for many people, including younger family members. When/If they decide they want to quit one day, how can I sit there and try to tell them to keep going and finish their education and dreams if I had decided to quit myself?


For future students or people considering going back to higher education, what makes earning your degree important to you?

That once I finish, I know I can be “qualified” for my career, whichever path I end up on. One thing that I will remember that was said to me, “Once you get your degree, no one can take that away from you. You worked on it, you deserve it.” Our economy is trying to revive itself, and if something were to happen to my job for whatever reason, with a degree, I can go out and be that much more ahead of the competition. Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t get far without a degree. It seems like a bachelors degree is the new high school degree when it comes to qualifications for jobs. Employers not only want experience, but they want to see the education behind it to prove that you have motivation and are willing to go out and work for it. And not to mention that the pay is higher for people who have a degree. I have seen and experienced first hand how important a degree is, especially in major corporations when it’s in regards to salaries. I must say, it’s pretty frustrating!


When is your graduation date?
Ugh! I have no idea! Lol, I am hoping for sometime in 2013 if I can keep going full time each semester.



There you have it. The grind and the GET SOME ™ in our first student of the week Alisha Naranjo!!! Doesn’t her story make you wanna go sign up for some classes right now??!!! She holds on to her power of inspiration by working upon the completion of her degrees knowing that people are looking to her for motivation to complete their own goals. Balancing a home life and time with her son and school takes such dedication.  Not only does she balance them, she does exceedingly well  in all of the areas (all while still managing to look great too). I am convinced she has never ever heard the words slack, idle, irresponsible, or unreliable. She is the poster child of  priority! We KNOW that you will reach your graduation date when the time comes!!! We are proud to give you the GET SOME™ stamp of excellence!!!!!


Article by: Ronica Brooks



Cathryn McGill Singer/Songwriter


We are back for the first GET SOME ™ artist of the week of the year!!!!!! Woooo, We are sorry tfor the delay but the Feng Shui must be right before we can just go on with presenting the GET SOME™ of the week! So with out further ado we are proud to present to you Ms Cathryn Mcgill, a soulful singer and soul touching  songwriter. She has paid more than dues on her journey towards achievement and excellence; and has had to overcome many internal obstacles in order to realize her vision.  Get ready for schoolin’ Vizionariez, read on to learn more about the GET SOME™  in Ms. Cathryn Mcgill.






Describe yourself in two words.

Passionate, Tenacious


When did you first come into your passion for singing and song writing?

I started singing in the Sunshine Band choir at the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church when I was 2. It was a church requirement. As soon as you were able to talk, you had to be in the choir. I actually was a reluctant singer. Everyone said they liked my voice, but I was very self-conscious about it because Bernice Cope and Phyllis McVay said that I sounded like a “white girl”. Now mind you, Bernice and Phyllis had the voices that I wanted and I wanted to sound like a “black girl” when I sang. So I thought I couldn’t really sing, but I had to be in the choir at church and at school. I always cringed every time Mr. Hearn, our school choir director asked me to stand up and sing. I categorized myself as an actress who also sang, but that changed when I had to list my vocation on a trip to Japan to visit my brother in the early 90’s. I wrote down “singer” on my visa application. Something in me shifted back then and I decided that I was a singer. Truthfully, I still struggle with believing that my voice is “good enough”, but I know that I must sing and that I have a message.

I started officially writing songs in the late 90’s. I have always been a poet and wordsmith. I play a mean game of Scrabble (and now Bananagrams) and I have always loved putting words together meaningfully. I also just decided one day to reinvent myself as a songwriter and I started allowing the melodies and the words in my head to come together to form songs.



At what point did you decide to pursue performing as a career choice?


I think performing chose me. I have always been a performer. My mother said that I made my first stage appearance at birth. I was born in a teaching hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and my mother said that I performed (very loudly) for the soon-to-be doctors attending my birth. It was a SRO performance.



Who/what are your musical inspirations?


I absolutely LOVE Etta James. I am heartbroken that she is ill and soon to transition from this physical plane. I saw her a few years ago in Santa Fe. She’s a blues singer primarily, but she sang Besame Mucho. When she was done I thought, “Wow, I hope no one ever tries to sing that song again because they will never do it as well as she did.” I love singers who can infuse their songs with just the right amount of emotion, technique and reverence. Etta’s voice does that for me. Of course, there are many others, but I love Etta James. Yes I do. And I love all kinds of music. I love jazz. I love the blues. Lately, I’ve been thinking about becoming a country artist (but don’t tell nobody).



What type of obstacles did you meet upon embarking on this Journey?


I am coming to know that ALL obstacles are internally generated. I absolutely believe that no one – except for me—can keep me from my blessings. What appears sometimes as externally generated obstacles is actually just an opportunity for me to reframe and reroute if necessary. My heart has been broken over not getting a gig that I really wanted or people not returning phone calls. I’ve certainly been there, but if I believe what I say I believe, I know that whatever is for me cannot be taken away. I can let “no” stop me or I can decide to keep knocking on doors until I get a “yes”.



What did you do to push past the obstacles and GET SOME™?


Well, when I get myself up off my pity pot, I tell myself that I am beautiful, intelligent and talented. I make a list of the things that I want to do and then I start working to figure out how to bring them to fruition. When I remember to remember that anything that I ask for believing that I will receive will be granted to me, my way gets really clear. Things just start falling in to place, but I have to remember to remember that I am powerful and that I am in charge of what I choose to think and how I choose to react to challenges. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Life is 5% what happens to you and 95% how you react to it.



If you could teach only one thing through your art what would it be?


Persistence. Check out the Calvin Coolidge quote about persistence and put it on your office wall, on the dashboard in your car, in your purse/wallet and on your bathroom mirror. If you have found your purpose in life, keep on keepin’ on.



You also do more than just perform. You are one part of the creation of Rainbow Studio Theater Company. Can you tell us a bit about it and what you hope to accomplish through the establishment of the Rainbow Studio Theater Company.


Rainbow Studio Theater Company is about 1) creating quality art, 2) developing new talent, 3) providing creative outlets for established artists, 4)positive youth development and 5) preserving African American culture and literature. We are committed to these five focus areas for our theater company. As we follow through on this commitment, we will make a positive contribution to the quality of life in New Mexico.



So far what is one of your most memorable moments you have experienced since pursuing your creative passions?


After my mother died in December 2008, I finished the CD that I promised her. In fact in 2009, I finished 2 CD’s of original music. I was really proud of that work. I was sad that I didn’t get it done in time for my mother to hear. She would have been a great boost to my CD sales since she would have forced everyone she knew to buy one! She was always my strongest advocate and biggest fan. In April 2009, I performed a CD release concert with all original music to a sold out house at a theater in New Mexico. My brothers and nieces and nephews and lots of friends and supporters were in the house that night. When I sung the last note, I got a standing ovation and it was one of the highlights of my career thus far. I made an important new paradigm shift that night from singer to singer/songwriter. Even though I had been writing songs for some years, that night it became real to me. I, Cathryn McGill, am a songwriter.

GET SOME GOOOOOOO!!! Cathryn McGill and her regal stage presence permeates her audiences with soulful vibrations and passionate sounds.  She has been long over due for the GET SOME™ stamp of excellence!!! Hard work and perseverance do pay off ; she not only spreads that message lyrically ,she also  shows it through actions.  In respectful and loving  memory of her late mother Rubye Carter , we here at Vizion Nine would like to let you know Ms. Cathryn, that you would make  any mother proud and we are sure Ms. Rubye hugs  you in spirit everyday, just oh so proud of her baby.  Learn from this woman Vizionariez!! GET SOME™

If you would like to find out more ,you can find her HERE on Facebook!!!

also you can go to .

Interview by: Ronica Brooks

GET SOME™ Artist of the Week!! LIVESOSA

Livesosa: Singer/song writer/ Hip hop artist /one day to be known to the world as a Creative Genius

Vizion Nine is extremely proud to present to you all Livesosa, our GET SOME ™ artist of the week!!!!!!!!!! We observed him working hard and diligently on his craft over the past year and we must say we are impressed by his drive and creative talents, especially when it comes to his song writing abilities. Livesosa has a sound that can crossover into many cultures, races, and ears. The kind of artist you don’t really want to put into a genre, you  just wanna let him be and create!! It’s all him in his music; no carbon copy of things done before him. Once you go and listen to his music after reading this interview, you will not be able to deny his heart!  Persistently working on his craft with a laser like focus we couldn’t deny that he was long overdue to be presented as a GET SOME ™ artist. Read on to tune into the GET SOME vibrations of  the one and only Livesosa!!!!

In two words Describe Livesosa.

Powerful Truthful

Do you remember the first thought or moment you had when you realized, this is what you wanted to do in life? If so, tell us about it!

I’m not sure exactly.. i Started off making beats and sampling Zelda on N64.. Walmart use to have this Aiawa* spelled wrong probly lol .. Stereo that my Mom had bought.. it had some dj stuff in it .. u could like press buttons an it would make a kik drum an clap lol.

Was there a time ever, that things became rough and you began to second guess your chosen career choice? If so tell a little and what advice would you give to someone who is having second guesses due to hardship.

I’m from a place of absolutely no hiphop support and if there is .. theres no heart behind it.. promoters here are all about how much money they can make to get some rims lol.. so there’s always been that feeling in someway.. but my Fan’s God knowing that i have somthing of Value to say keeps me going .. When one of my Xs left me .. She claimed that if i made it id leave her or that she couldn’t deal with it.. that made me wana stop for about a week.. But every Girl has said that bs to me after a while.. either u down an believe or u anit .. have faith in what ur partner does! And thats what i have .. and why i will never stop! This is me and its what makes me happy.. when im hurt or down.. i ask God for answers ..some hit bottles .. weed.. i choose the music.

What is your favorite song by you? why?

CUPID HATED or Beatles … it will be at some time in your life the music bible for u.. if those songs dont hit u now.. they will!

You are an excellent song writer and from my perspective, boxes don’t exist in your world, you’re very original and unique, with that being said, where do you draw inspiration from??

Lifes situations .. what i try to do everytime is bring to light what we already no..but do it tastefully with a few punchlines to interest u then teach u somthing! .. and always giving you concepts unherd of and titles.

Do you think great song writing can be learned or are you just born with it?

It can be learned.. or better yet discovered … and you dont have to be a great singer to be one.. ive put in alot alot alot of hours tears and hard work to become Livesosa..and im still trying to live up to that name.. for that name is only carried by for this lifetime i gotta go pre hot dog with it! That means Ham!

Who are your musical influences?

I dont listen to alot of music. But i would say everyone.. i pick up a lil piece of everybody.. to be a good Artist.. Songwriter i believe u haft to listen to all types of music .. so here latly ive been peeping more.. i do Like MJ..Lauren Hill.. John Mayor.. Maroon 5.. Rick Ross.. texas music has influenced me a bit.

What is the Univerzity?

League of Extraordinary Musicians!

No CEOs here were all in School.. Were my Classmates at??? Its time to learn an teach somthin worth somthin.

What is SLAM music and give some background on how it came to be.( if this is no longer relevant leave blank)

Slam Music .. Stay Loving All-of Me! .. S.L.A.M. means music that promotes self love.. and knowledge .. ambition to all and death to hate.

What is the most memorable show/performance you have done so far?

Baby Bash 2010 rocked a crowd of bout 2,000

If people could learn only one thing from you through your music, what would you have it be?

Learn to be true to yourself be a truthful understanding  individual and Learn to Love the right way.

What does GET SOME™ mean to you?

It means just that get up off yo ass stop using this an that as an excuse! Be Ambitious find your love and you talent and be somebody.

Yep, definitly deserving of the GET SOME stamp of excellence! Livesosa is humble and very well grounded in himself and who he is. With those two traits alone we know he will make far. Livesosa grinds out hard on his music, putting everything inside of him into it. There is absolutely no half stepping. From his presentation to the business side we can perceive that he pays attention to the details. We love well executed work here on the Vizion Nine Enterprise!!

Sound is what holds us all together, sound and vibrations. What we speak and the music we make will forever ripple out into the infinite universe affecting everything and everyone that comes into contact with it. We are confident to say his sound vibrations will bring  joy, healing,  hope, the feeling that someone cares and bring us to the party too!!. Thank you Livesosa for doin’ you and making  music like you care and love it with out all the superficial nonsense. We are proud we can say that you GET SOME™

You can learn more about Livesosa here —>  Livesosa on Facebook and for hooks and beats!!

Check out one of his latest tracks off of the “Mall of America” album. Mall of America comes out Jan 3, 2012!!!

Stars Over London (lay back with understanding and an open mind when you Jam this)

Beatles <—— This track isn’t on “Mall of America” but I think everyone should hear this track!



Lester a.k.a Les: Owner/ Designer at Vizion Wear

This week here on the Vizion Nine Enterprise we are proud to present our GET SOME™ entrepreneur of the week, Lester the owner of Vizion Wear custom clothing! This man has put in countless hours and made great sacrifices in order to realize his dreams. He what we call the perpetual worker, he never stops working he really lives, eats, drinks breathes his work. This is the go to man for all things custom made. His rigorous work ethic and creative ability and vision allows for some absolutely beautiful pieces of work, specializing in swimwear and dresses! This man has paid more than dues to get to where he is today. Read on further to see the GET SOME™ behind Lester and Vizion Wear!


When did you discover your passion for clothing design?

I started basically after entering my custom car in shows. One day thinking how cool it would be to have a model by my car matching the interior. That was the start of my passion to design clothing that matched or mimicked something else.

When designing where do you draw your inspiration from?

Looking at other peoples creations and sometimes thinking of my own.

When you first decided to take this on as a serious business venture, did you run into any obstacles, if so tell us about some of them.

One obstacle I had was not having enough operating capital. The second was getting exposure, working from home, and people taking me serious.

What was it that kept you going and pushing past the obstacles?

The customer’s gratification, Also to know that there was a need for custom clothing, and my desire to always be different.

If you could teach people one thing through what you do as a business own and designer, what would it be?

To stay determined and to stay focused, In order to succeed in anything you have to be dedicated and willing to make sacrifices.

In two words describe how you feel about designing clothing?

I absolutely ENJOY a CHALLENGE.

What is or was the most difficult part of running you own business?

Not enough hours in the day and finding reliable help and who can see your passion.

What is your favorite type of clothing to design?

Swimwear and club dress’s

What has been your most memorable experience, so far, that has come out of your passion for designing?

Seeing my stuff published i.e. magazines, calendars, publications.

Here we promote the GET SOME movement, which is all about inspiring people to keep pushing past the pain to achieve goals. With that being said what does GET SOME mean to you?

My GET SOME moment would be the minute that I knew I had mastered my craft, and had a live video of me making a suit in 30 minutes. It was my challenge to the world to “GET SOME”, who else is out there that can challenge me?



Yes yes, the man as you can clearly see, does great work. When you do great work people notice. When speaking with him personally, ( I have enlisted him to do a custom design for myself) he explained that he doesn’t really promote himself very much. ” The fitness competition models started to win in my swim wear and tagging me in their trophy pics” and more and more people are beginning to see his unique take on swim wear designs. Truly a vision of creation that only Lester can see he is not only and entrepreneur but an artist as well. That is why he deserves the GET SOME™ of the week!!!

If you would like to see his work or contact him for your own custom creations you can find him here:

Vizion Wear Facebook <—— here you can watch an excellent video of him in action!!!


Interview by Ronica Brooks



C. Highsmith-Hooks a.k.a The Writer True : Author

We are very proud to bring to you all someone more than worthy of receiving the title of GET SOME™ Artist of the week!!! She is a writer and her name is Cynthia Highsmith- Hooks who also authors under the name ” Imani True”.  Her words flow and move over the canvas of blank spaces on pages that seem to follow the rhythms of the ocean. From heart pounding, turbulent passion; to the serene, peaceful, calm of love and being, to the restless movement against rocks and rigid surfaces desperate to find something more. Soulful poetry, to mystery and crime to, sensual erotica, Cynthia Highsmith-Hooks, “Imani True”, knows no bounds and is not afraid to be honest and true about the human experience. To back it all up, within the last few recent months, she has won awards such as the 2011 African American Literary Award for Anthology of the Year-“Between the Sheets”, and  the  African American Literary Award for Erotica of the Year-“Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam” (Collaboration with Dreama Skye) and also has  wonderfully been recognized as one of The Top 100+ Most Influential African American Women in Literature published in 2006 by Amber Books, mentioned in literary Divas. She is listed with greats like Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisolm, Terry McMillan, Ntozake Shange. So without further ado I invite you all into discovering the GET SOME™  in, The Writer True.

 How did you come up with the name Imani True. What does it mean to you?

“Imani” is Arabic for Faith or Belief. So the entire name means True Faith. I just reversed the order. Always loved the name “Imani” and had I had a daughter, that would have been her name.

When did you first discover your passion for writing?

 I was only six years old when I wrote a story and was asked to read it to the entire school. I was hooked from that point on.

Do you have any favorite authors that were/are an important influence?

 Favorites would be Ernest Gaines (Autobiography of Ms. Jane Pittman)-he was the first author I actually met, and it made being a writer real for me. A lot of my faves are from the Renaissance: James Weldon Johnson, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and the rest because they wrote at a time when it wasn’t easy being accepted as a black writer. Now their works are classics. In school, I enjoyed Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, and other classic English literature. Some of my modern-day faves are Sister Souljah, Nathan McCall, Queen B.G., Ni’cola Mitchell, Pynk, Red Snapper, Treasure Blue, Noire, Julia Press Simmons. There are so many others.

When writing where do you draw your inspiration from?

Lots of places. From my life for sure, and the world around me. Sometimes, I hear people talking about something going on in their lives and I think, “That would make a great story!” I also write about things that interest me like how crimes are solved, and in fact, my next few books will be crime dramas. “A Little Sumthin Sumthin” will be the first of those to be released in February 2012. It’s with the editor right now.

What and when was your first published work?

My first published work was a book entitled “The Soul of a Black woman: From a Whisper to a Shout,” which I self-published in 2002. It’s a collection of poems and short stories written between the ages of six years old and thirty-nine. Published it for my 40th birthday.

Was there ever a time when you had to overcome self doubt and discouragement?

Absolutely. But that’s not a bad thing because it forced me to work even harder, and believe in myself when no one else did. I’m so past all the negativity because I have too many books to write, you know? And so many people who DO believe in me. So the naysayers don’t even matter. They’re irrelevant non-factors.

What kind of advice would you give to someone that may be in a similar situation?

To keep your circle of support very small because there are people out there who don’t have their own dreams, so they crush yours. Or try to. And to keep moving forward; leave the negative folks in the rearview. Matter-of-fact, wave at them as you pass by-lol.

So far, do have a personal favorite that you have written?

My favorite poem is “I Know Nothing of Africa,” which tells the story of a dream I had about going to Africa. Here’s the link:

My favorite book so far is “A Little Sumthin Sumthin,” which is my next novel. It’s the story of a woman who’s had enough, and does something about it.

What has been your most memorable experience so far that has come out of writing?

In 2003, I sent Nikki Giovanni a copy of “The Soul of a Black Woman.” She responded with a handwritten letter congratulating me and saying that she really enjoyed the book. I still can’t believe that I have a handwritten note from Nikki Giovanni! The Nikki Giovanni!

Here, we promote the GET SOME movement , which is all about inspiring people to push forward in their passion through low moments. So, with that being said, what does GET SOME mean to you?

For me, GET SOME means two things: One, that it’s out there, but I have to GET it; and two, there’s enough for everybody, so I’d better get what’s mine, which is the SOME. It means being active (GET is a verb) and pushing through to achieve your goals no matter what. I notice your movement is not called WAIT FOR SOME-lol.

Ha haaa, yes and there it is. A little taste of the GET SOME™ of the mind of C. Highsmith-Hooks. She has indeed penned some excellent work.From the beautiful poetic love and pain of  The Soul of a Black Woman: From a whisper to a shout, to Strawberries Stilletos and Steam and her upcoming releaseA Little Sumthin’ Sumthin’. She has a great range that can and will reach many people. Not many people have had the liberty of receiving a hand written letter from renowned poet, writer, creator, Nikki Giovanni. C. “Imani True” Highsmith-Hooks has definitely inspired us to continue in  our passions by shinning in her own and doing very well at it. If there are any future published authors out there that read this, I hope you are just as inspired as we are. With out a doubt, Mrs. Highsmith-Hooks most definitely deserves the GET SOME ™ Artist of the week golden V9 badge.

With that I’d like to leave you all with an excerpt and reviews from the ‘ol regulah folk, the honest audience, not reading to judge but reading to be opened…

From: The Soul of a Black Woman: From a Whisper to a Shout  

“Many marvel at her inner strength and want to make her their own,

for she is refreshing, like cool water in the dusty, dry Sahara.

She will lay down her life for the one who steals her heart,

but she cannot be possessed by anyone and her soul has never been for sale;

she gives it freely, because often, that is all  she has.

But what a precious gift it truly is-the soul of a Black Woman. “

© 2000 C. Highsmith-Hooks

“The author C. Highsmith-Hooks did an excellent job of reaching out to the reader. The depth of emotions I felt cannot be explained in 1,000 words. Her poems took me on a journey filled with empathy, sadness, happiness, and triumph. Just when I think she’s done; I am provided with a glimpse of talent not yet unleashed. I have not felt this way about poems since reading Maya Angelou who’s work of art I hold very dear and close to my heart.” -Dee Dee, San Diego

“I truly enjoyed reading this book. I read it in one day because it was so very hard to put down. The author writes from her heart and soul. She includes some very personal information in her writing that hit home with me.
I loved the fact that she put pictures in her book, which made the book more enjoyable.
I look forward to the author’s next book.
Truly a remarkable writer, as well as, a remarkable person.” – Eve Hall, Atlanta

Reviews from

 You can find out more about her work here at these websites!!!

Websites: (The Writer True on FB) (Born with a Pen) (In True’s World)  (Authors Den)  (True Skye Media)

Interview by Ronica Brooks


Lakota Jonez : Hip Hop/Rap Artist

This week, here aboard the Vizion Nine Enterprise, we are proud to present to you
Hip Hop/Rap Artist Lakota Jonez!!! Lakota is a  Cherokee, Mohawk Lakota Indian, with a mean hustle and grind for the music. Can you say rare!!!  That alone right there is a game changer, and she is a very important to the craft in a sense that younger people like herself have someone to look up to. That is a strong destiny to have.  To say she works hard is an understatement. I remember vividly once, her wishing there were 32 hours in day because there wasn’t enough time and meaning those words to the very core of her being. As a mother and an artist, there is no time to sleep . She writes relevant and meaningful lyrics painting the pictures of her life experiences and thoughts . So let’s  read on to explore the GET SOME™ in Lakota Jonez!

In two words describe Lakota Jonez.


When did you first discover your passion for being a hip hop artist?

When i was 17 and I wrote my first rhyme to a boy that i liked. I wanted to tell him how i felt in a way he’d understand because he was doing music at the time. I never knew how good it would feel to express my thoughts on paper and then turn it into a song… I found a new love that day and we been together ever since. Me and Music….

Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing?

-Life. The good, the bad, the ugly

I remember you talking about how when you were putting together your first album ,and having the money to do so was very slim. So for the people out there trying to wait till conditions are pristine and perfectly conducive for them to make a move, could tell us about what it was like making that particular vision manifest into reality?

-It meant so much more to me because i literally put my blood, sweat and tears into that first album. I scrapped, and i pinched, and i saved and i borrowed to make my dream a reality. It took me a year to make it happen but putting all my time and effort into that album was the best decision i ever made. I sacrificed men, partying, travel and shopping to get that album finished and out to the public……… The only right time to go after your dreams is RIGHT NOW!

The can be lots of twists, turns and dead ends when following your passion , especially in the music  industry. What is it that keeps you going?

Determination. I am too block headed to let anyone or anything stop me. Its been a long road but when I reach the end of this life I want to be proud of where I’ve been and what i accomplished in this life.

Here at Vizion Nine Enterprise, we encourage and promote the GET SOME movement. GET SOME™ is all about inspiring people to move towards their life aspirations. With that being said, what does GET SOME, mean to you?

-To me get some means, if ya want it, if ya need it, then don’t wait for anybody to bring it to you, or hand it to you… You gotta go GET SOME!!!!

Blam, there you all go!! As you can understand she is definitly qualified for the GET SOME™ stamp!!! She goes and she goes hard. Pouring every last single bit of passion into her work, into her goals. As  a woman in this game where mostly you look around and see the “Boys club”, it can be difficult to gain the proper attention and respect, but Lakota did not let that deter her . She pushed through fiercely and now is making great moves linking up with the right people and working on project after project building up the Lakota Jonez brand. Currently, Lakota is working on a release for her track “Girls Night” which will be accompanied by a very well shot video. So be on the look out and we will keep you updated.

She undeniably gives off the energy of the motivation to GET SOME™.  I must say, she is much needed to the New Mexico music scene!!! GET SOME™.

If you would like to learn more about Lakota Jonez you can check out these sites!!!


Interview: by Ronica Brooks